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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy

At Empresari we are committed to an inclusive culture where all employees are treated and treated equally
equal and fair opportunities. We believe that global diversity is key to achieving our goals
Aiming to positively impact people’s lives while providing exceptional talent to our organization

Our DE&I approach

Empresaria is dedicated to promoting a supportive and inclusive culture at large
workforce. It is in all of our interests to value diversity and to reduce and promote discrimination
inclusion in the workplace.

Our goal is to ensure that all employees and candidates are
given equal opportunities. We recognize diversity as a unique selling point of an individual, both
external and internal. Every employee is respected, valued and cared for; every vote will
to be heard and the full potential of each individual is recognized and promoted.

This policy affirms our commitment to providing equality and fairness to all employees. we
are against all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

All employees, whether part-time, full-time or temporary, are treated fairly and fairly
With respect. When recruiting for the company, we make sure that we are attractive
diverse talent pools and ensure that we are accessible to all candidates. In selecting
Candidates for employment, promotion, training or other benefits depend on ability
and suitability.

All employees, regardless of their role or position, are encouraged to reach their full potential
Potential. This will help ensure that everyone benefits from the skills and resources within our diversity

Our DE&I commitments

1. Create an environment where individual differences and the contributions of all employees are recognized and valued. (ICARE values)
2. Create a culture that encourages inclusion, provides a safe environment to learn, invites everyone to contribute, and empowers employees to challenge the status quo and be creative. Such a culture is essential to drive innovation. (ICARE – Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence)
3. Creating a work environment that promotes dignity and respect for every employee and candidate. (ICARE collaboration)
4. To ensure that all employees have access to training, progression, mobility, opportunities and rewards.
5. To conduct our business with honesty and integrity, with the expectation that all associates hold the same high standards. (ICARE responsibility, accountability)
6. Not tolerating any form of intimidation, bullying or harassment. (ICARE responsibility)
7. Creating an environment where employees feel safe to raise concerns when this policy is not being followed, where their voice is heard and appropriate action is taken. (ICARE responsibility, accountability)
8. Regularly review all of our employment practices and procedures so that we continue to create a more inclusive environment. (responsibility and excellence)

Empresaria will inform all employees that this policy is in effect and that they are required
to comply with him. The placement will also bring it to the attention of other stakeholders
on the empresaria and each brand’s website for transparency.

This policy was prepared with the input and approval of Empresaria’s Diversity, Equality
and Inclusion Committee and has strong support from the Empresaria Board of Directors
Senior Leadership Team.

This policy is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure diversity,
Equality and inclusion are continuously promoted in our workplace.

If you wish to report violations of this policy, you should inform your line manager
instantly. If you are not comfortable with this or are unsatisfied with the answer
received, you can contact the Group HR Manager Amanda Boon with confidence

In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate to share your concerns in accordance with Empresaria’s Whistleblowing Policy, which can be found here on Workplace

Date: June 2022