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Our active positions

Warehouse Worker

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We are looking for a person capable of supporting our company’s warehouse operations.
They receive, record, sort, upload products and carry out various warehouse activities.

Forklift Operator

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​The job of a forklift driver consists in sorting, managing and processing the optimal storage location, taking into account the needs of the customer company and the order pickers.

Team Leader

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The task of the team leader is to delegate their team as efficiently as possible.
He creates work schedules and schedules shifts to meet customers’ needs.


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The goal of our recruitment team is to reach out and identify the key resources that can help us achieve our goals. They are masters of advertising, social media, communication and effective analysis.


Satisfaction of everyone involved in our claim.
Achieve goals through motivation and performance


Maintain the necessary flexibility in day-to-day business without losing sight of the goal.


With a reliable and strong team into the future
Trust in the individual determines the success of the whole