Warehouse Operator

In the age of precise shipping and ever smaller and faster moving warehouses, the task of the warehouse clerk has become more important than ever. With the help of these professionals, we can enjoy the luxury we have come to love and appreciate so much. These hardworking and dependable employees get up early to ensure we receive what we value every day.

The job of a warehouse clerk is diverse. Not only do you prepare products for dispatch using the modern picking systems, you are also responsible for stock levels, good coordination and communication with the team, and a clean and safe working environment. You work closely with your colleagues as a team and together ensure that processes run smoothly.

Forklift driver

Warehouses have gotten bigger, taller and more complex in recent years. It is not for nothing that they are sometimes equated with smaller towns. The professional forklift driver is an integral part of these “small towns”. Warehouses wouldn’t function without these forklift drivers. The items, pallets and aisles would be blocked. There would be no more supplies. The camp and everything that goes with it would be forced to a standstill.

The task of a forklift driver is to follow strict plans to move, lift and maneuver heavy machinery in a confined space so that the entire space can be used efficiently while at the same time everything is easily accessible to the other participants in this “dance”. .

Truck drivers -Category C

Our truck drivers are the essential link between the central locations of our customers in order to send goods of all kinds economically and ergonomically.

They transport the goods between the individual locations and distribution centers or directly to the respective markets and branches.


The most important part of any team is collaboration. Our competent team leaders have the task of coordinating, supporting and motivating the team so that everyone is satisfied and the common goals are achieved.

A team leader in headwaylogistic is the first point of contact at the customer company, is part of the team and is the right hand of the project and regional manager. The task is to structure and lead the team as efficiently as possible and to solve problems that arise at the same time.

The most important characteristics of team leaders should be charisma, efficient communication, structured planning and empathy.

Project Manager

The size of headwaylogistic gmbh makes central management impossible, so we believe that good local management is the key to quick decisions and the development of our company. Our project managers have gathered all the know-how of the projects they manage and, with the help of everyone involved, take the necessary steps to improve our processes and our work.

The project managers carefully analyze the team, the processes and the market, they evaluate the parts that are not 100% efficient and implement the changes that make us professionals. At the same time, with the help of the team leaders, they take care of the implementation, statistical and budget planning.

Quality manager /

Specialist for occupational safety

Quality managers are responsible for maintaining quality standards within a company. He develops quality guidelines and monitors compliance with them in terms of quality and time, observes quality development and ensures constant improvements. The primary goal is to ensure and optimize the quality of business processes. Because only through optimal results can customer satisfaction be maintained in the long term and the company survive in the highly competitive market.

The Occupational Safety Specialist is responsible for monitoring and assessing any health and safety risks and finding a solution in the camp and in our accommodations. In addition to the classic tasks, they are also responsible for training and informing our employees about warehouse security measures, first aid, emergency procedures and other important aspects that protect the company, the customer and the employee.

Repair man

With an international team we offer a solution to the problem of accommodation. In order to have a quality accommodation and to be able to offer our employees the best quality, our facility management team is always ready to take on a new mission.

Building managers are responsible for everything related to our accommodation. They take over our new accommodations, assess the necessary conversions/renovations and carry them out. They are our on-site team responsible for painting, paving, installing electrical and plumbing, drywall and setting up furniture so that our employees have all the necessities for normal daily living.

Facility Manager

Our facilities management team is made up of professionals in the field who help us manage all of our assets. They not only find us the best deals and opportunities, but also make sure they stay in the best possible quality.

A facility manager’s job is to find our accommodation, develop transportation, but also be the first point of contact for our staff who provide it. You look after and coordinate our building management, but also process all incoming data on the condition, use and vacancies of our facilities.


The workforce is the most important part of any company. Nothing works without the right people. The difficult task of a recruitment consultant is to find the right person for the right job in a way that uses all personal skills as efficiently as possible.

A recruitment consultant has different roles ranging from advertising, social media, PR, contact person, problem solver to one of the most important representatives of a company. They find creative ways to reach the public and use their excellent communication and analytical skills to find common ground with our candidates. Not only do they have the task of finding, communicating and identifying the strengths of prospects, they also support them with everything they need to start their careers.